About the Modular Project

The Modular Project is the collaboration of a select group of sonic technicians working together to discover what the spontaneous and organic manipulation of sound can yield. Inspired by the world around them, they set out to discover what it might sound like when continents shift, clouds form, and roots push through soil.

Capturing and manipulating the hum of the natural world, their results show that there are as many answers as there are questions, that in seeming chaos there is order, and within that order there are new undiscovered truths waiting to be revealed.

The Sonic Explorations

The Modulators

The Modular Project

The Components

The Audio Modulation Compoenents of The Modular Project

Elements Modulated

Elements Modulated by The Modular Project
  • 1. Subterranean Readings
  • 2. Organic Matter Readings
  • 3. Tectonic Readings
  • 4. Atmospheric Readings
  • 5. Celestial Readings
  • 6. Subaquatic Readings